Thursday, May 5, 2011

I Realize There Are Skeptics

I know that there are skeptics out there who will poo poo this entire experience and this is fine. I have always said opinions are like assholes, we all have one. I did not go into this shop with anything paranormal on my mind, I was so overjoyed at finally being able to have my very own antique shop in a building that I loved that my only concerns were getting the shop opened as soon as possible and making the business a success.

When the bizarre things started happening I brushed them off. It was several months before I decided that something not normal was going on in the building. By this time the shop was open to the public and I had customer's telling me stories that corresponded to experiences I had myself.
Then when I hired someone to help me one day a week and she started telling me about what she was seeing, hearing, feeling and smelling that further reinforced that there was something not right going on.

It was at that time that I called on a paranormal team to come in and investigate.

I welcome your comments and thoughts on this and the paranormal in general. I will be sharing specifics of what was experienced by many in the shop.

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