Photos Taken During Investigations

Getting any kind of photographic evidence was very difficult to do as battery drain was a huge problem in the shop. Here are the few photos that were taken in the shop during investigations.

There are a series of pictures taken while someone was sitting on an antique chaise lounge. During another investigation I was sitting on this very same chaise lounge when I was scratched on the low back, at the moment I was scratched a voice or evp was picked up saying "Get off my bed."

This team in an effort to elicit the same reaction sat on the chaise lounge and provoked stating they were going to spill soda on the piece, set it on the train tracks, etc. Do these photos show anything? You decide.

In this last photo, the chaise lounge if to the right of the lady in the grey coat.
Another set of photos from an investigation. The little boy, we think his name is Adam, liked to play with this beach ball. During this investigation 2 quarters were put on the floor with the ball sitting on one of them. They asked Adam to move the ball and left the room. Later when they returned they could see that they ball had moved. This was on the second floor and the heat/air had been turned off. Even if it had been left on so little air came through the vent (which is way off to the left and behind a bookcase) it is not likely that the air moved the ball.

More photos, you decide

The above photo is one of those iffy things. Is this a thumb or finger? Or is it the black mass that had been previously seen?

This photo was taken from the outside of the shop looking in through one of the front plate glass windows. The photographer "felt the urge" to shoot this picture and there had been a lot of noises coming from this area throughout the night. There was no one in the building as the group was all packed up and ready to leave.