Teams Who Investigated

Here are a couple of the paranormal groups who came out to investigate -

Elite Paranormal of Kansas City - Rob and his team were amazing and here are the results or their investigation; EVPs; Photos;

Show Me Ghosts West - they have created a feature film showing some of the evidence they collected at the shop but I would love to see the full results from the investigation. It was a wild investigation with one of their team members coming face to face with someone or something in the building's crawlspace. You can see the photos they took here -

The first group that came out to investigate never gave me the results of their investigation. I was not present at the investigation but did hear that they captured a lot of evidence. This is the reason that I always tried to be present during paranormal investigations...... so I could see first hand what was going on just in case I never was given a reveal. I don't remember their name.

I will add to the list....