Paranormal Experiences

I will post the paranormal activity that I experienced and what customers, family and employees reported to me.

Keep in mind that even though I had paranormal investigator's come into the shop I did not tell anyone about the activity, other than my immediate family. In July of 2009 a local newspaper reporter heard about the activity and contacted me about doing a story. I agreed to it and then immediately regretted my decision thinking that it could hurt the business. I tried to get her not to run the article but she did anyway, the result was not as bad as I expected, the article drew a lot of people to the shop but they were coming in to see the 'ghosts'. I even had a couple of women bring in a Ouija board that they wanted to use upstairs. No f***ing way was that going to happen

There were so many events and so much activity but a few just really stand out in my mind. As I said I have most of this in a journal which is still packed in a box somewhere but I will recount what I can from memory then try to find the journal.

Here is a link to a radio interview I did about the haunting - Auction Wally Radio Interview

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