Sunday, May 8, 2011

Another Antique Shop Where Mine Was

Since I live only a couple of blocks from my former antique shop I keep a pretty watchful eye over it, still feel the connection to the place. I am not stalking the place.

Not long after I moved out a photographer moved in. She was very busy repainting the interior and even held an open house then poof... she was out of there after only 3 months.

Then about a month ago I noticed that someone else was moving in.
Local gossip said that it was another antique shop and on the weekends there was an 'estate sale' sign out front. I have not had an opportunity to drop by until yesterday and WOW. Not only do they have antiques, collectibles, shabby chic stuff they also sell architectural salvage. It is a wonderful shop!

The owner and I sat down for a chat and it was not long before he asked me about the paranormal activity. He stated that several times a day folks would come in and ask if this was the haunted antique shop. He has not personally experienced anything but does feel the atmosphere change when he goes into the basement.

He told me that a couple of weeks ago he was approached by a paranormal group who told him that I sent them down to do an investigation. Now that would be pretty presumptuous of me to do something like that without first getting his okay but I was contacted by a local group after I closed my shop and just assumed that they had gone ahead and contacted him. Last night that theory was shot down. So I don't have a clue as to who used my name to get into the shop and frankly it pisses me off that they would not contact me before using my name.

The new owner said he stuck around for a while but left and let the group do their thing. He said that while he was there, to the best of his knowledge nothing happened and he has not heard back from the paranormal group that went in.

The new shop does not have as many antiques and collectibles as I did. I did not see any real "personal" items such as dolls, vanities, antique hair grooming items, antique and vintage jewelry or items such as the antique chaise lounge that we had.

So, why is he not experiencing the day to day activity that I had? Is it because he does not have the personal antique items? Was I the catalyst for the paranormal activity? It brings up a lot of questions. He did say that he would like another investigation with me present just to see if there is a difference.

I asked about the photographer and he said that his understanding is that she basically moved out one night. She left owing the landlords quite a bit of money. I had always questioned whether or not her cameras would work in the building. She did do a great deal of renovation while she was there as is the new owner and one of the theories is that renovation can stir up paranormal activity. The new owner is also doing some work and renovation in the basement apartment.

Did I feel anything when I went in? Yes, as soon as I stepped foot into the main area downstairs I got very light headed and it felt like an electrical current was surrounding me and this followed me all through the downstairs. When I went upstairs the feeling was stronger and I felt like the space was very crowded. Then the owner took me to the basement to show me the work he has done down there. Here I experienced nausea, ringing in my ears and again I was light headed. It was just as intense as it had been when I owned the shop.

The new owner runs the place himself and I made the offer that I would be more than happy to work a few half days every now and then free of charge. The reason behind this is twofold, I miss interacting with the customers and I miss the building. Once again it will be interesting to see if my presence on site will bring about an increase in activity.

I will keep you posted on this turn of events.

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