Monday, May 9, 2011

Residual Haunting Activity

In the shop we had a couple of things that happened at approximately the same time everyday and then one event that was off and on all day.

A residual haunt is something that happens on a regular basis much like looping a movie or song, the spirit, energy, ghost, whatever you want to call it has no idea that you are present and cannot interact with you it just keeps repeating the same behavior over and over again.

Everyday at around 2:00 pm you would hear the sound of the back door opening. It was a metal door and had a very distinct sound when it was opened. This was an add-on to the original building, you had this back door that brought you into a hallway at the end of the hall was a steep staircase that went up to your right and then you entered what was the original back door. This door was kept open when the shop was open.

Anyway, everyday around 2 pm you would hear the sound of the back door opening but no one would come in to the shop. The staircase was blocked off so that no one could sneak upstairs without us knowing.

One evening

I was sitting on the floor polishing the bottom of a piece of furniture, I was facing the hallway toward the back door, when all of a sudden the door came crashing open and then closed just as violently. I know the door was locked because 1) the shop was closed and I always locked myself in when I shut down for the day 2) I had gone out to my car and made sure the door was locked behind me when I came back in. To the best of my knowledge that was the first and only time the door had actually come open and then shut by itself.

The ground floor was hardwood flooring original to the house, it had one of those old style metal floor grates that was an air intake vent. Several times a day you would hear a couple of steps on the hardwood floor and then a step onto the metal floor grate, 2 more steps on the hardwood in the adjacent room and the sound would stop. This occurred very close to where we had the front counter and desk so there was no mistaking the noise when it happened.

I tried to keep track of the times this occurred and there was no rhyme or reason, it just happened when it happened but it was an everyday thing.

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