Monday, August 15, 2011

Paranormal Experiences Are Still Being Reported

Yesterday I have some errands to run and stopped by the shop (Jasper Skyes) to see if they had any new and wonderful goodies I could not live without. The fireplace mantle I want is still there, goodie and the shop is filled with many wonderful things.

While I was there I visited with a couple of the dealers and boy did they have some stories to tell.

Items going missing only to reappear later, knocking and tapping on the walls, items being placed on the stairs, lights going on and off, footsteps, items being knocked off of a shelf and someone standing there watching it happen.

One question I have always had about this building is was it ever a brothel? There is just something that leads me to believe that at one time the upstairs had a great deal of hanky panky for pay going on.

One of the ladies I talked to said that her sister is sensitive to paranormal activity and that she picked up on the brothel thing. Of course there is no record of this type of activity every taking place in this location but I have learned to always go with your gut.

We have an investigation coming up next month to see if there is any recordable activity going on.

I will keep you posted.

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